Frequently Asked Questions

For Business

What is AIO App for businesses?

AIO App for businesses is a web-based consumer engagement and reward platform which enables them to optimise their performance by attracting, retaining, and ultimately building their loyal customers through various features of AIO App including but not limited to customised loyalty programmes, personalised offerings, sales analysis, etc.

What types of loyalty programs do you offer?

Businesses can choose and customise either point-based or e-stamp-based loyalty programmes. They can define it further how and when they would like to reward their customers.

What types of marketing support do you offer?

AIO App offers business a digital marketing channel as one of the features of the platform. Businesses will have access to their customer database which they can use to send them personalised offerings, get their feedback, and much more.

Do you have plastic loyalty cards?

No, we don’t. AIO App is fully digital. We help businesses to transfer from plastic loyalty cards to digital one. Business will save lots of cost by NOT printing plastic cards anymore and they will also contribute to sustainability.

How do I get started?

AIO App is under development. Join our Newsletter to get free subscription when we launch AIO App. Attentively, you can book a consultation session with us in which we will provide you support tailored to your business and customer needs to accelerate your business through customer engagement and reward approaches.

What businesses can join AIO App?

We are passionate about empowering local independent businesses. Any small medium sized business operating at any industry can join AIO App. We customise the platform as per your need.

Is there a joining fee?

There is no joining fee. However, we offer AIO App to businesses under different subscription models.

Do I need a smartphone to use AIO App for businesses?

No, you don’t. AIO App for businesses is a web-based and can be accessed using any device including Computer, laptop, or phones.

For Shopper

What is AIO App for shoppers?

AIO App for shoppers is a mobile application which enables them to collect, track, and redeem their rewards points to various local independent stores. Shoppers can also pay for their transaction using the same application. There are in addition to many other stunning features which all will make their shopping more enjoyable.

What is the cost of joining?

There is no cost for shoppers to use AIO App. It’s completely FREE.

Do I still need to have plastic loyalty cards?

No, you don’t. AIO platform is fully digital.

How do I get AIO App?

AIO App is under development. Subscribe to our Newsletter to receive extra rewards when we launch the application.

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