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Our vision is to enable local independent businesses to have business optimisation through our consumer engagement and reward tool. We want our platform to bring an exceptional experience to shoppers by allowing them to pay, collect, track, and redeem their reward points to our partnered stores using ONLY one application.

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Our mission is to empower local independent shops and reward their consumers for every transaction they make through our simple and smart consumer engagement and reward platform.

What We Do

We are very keen in supporting growth of local communities: independent businesses and shoppers. We offer a digital consumer engagement and reward platform to different businesses at any size and industry as a Web based platform and as a mobile application to their shoppers. We connect local communities together through one platform.

Our offerings to businesses are tailor-made to their business and customer needs. We aim to save their time and cost through our cost-effective and simple to use platform. We are onboarding restaurants, cafes, pubs, and salons and can digitise your existing customer loyalty programme. We can replace traditional paper loyalty cards with a digital one at no extra cost.

Our mobile application for shoppers allows them to pay, collect, track, and redeem their reward points to various independent businesses. They get untapped rewards, exclusive offerings matching their preferences, and many more unique features.

Words from our Managing Director

Khadija Rehmani
‘’We are committed and passionate to creating exceptional support to local communities particularly various local independent businesses and their customers. Our ultimate goal is to power infinite growth of these businesses and bring monetary and non-monetary values to people’s everyday shopping through untapped rewards. We can only do this by working closely with the local communities, understanding their current state business and customer experience and offering our product and services meeting the best of their needs.’’
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Khadijeh Rahmani
Managing Director

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